Founder’s Story

I was inspired by the story of international author and speaker

Robert G. Allen who spoke in Kuala Lumpur recently about

“Giving First Instead of Receiving.” In his speech, Allen shared

a personal story of how he used to be a person who was always

asking and receiving, and giving was the last option with whatever

is left after spending. One day, after life-threatening accident,

his life went through a drastic change, followed by massive financial

losses. Struggling to get back on his feet, his spiritual master advised

him to do something different with his life.

Now instead of asking and receiving, he started giving a portion of his

income immediately before spending. Soon he noticed his life began

to change, with more money coming his way, when he started giving


Finally he came to realise the power of Giving First, and concludes

that the top three greatest work on earth is to:

Help, Love and Teach more people, to make this world a better place.

Indeed this is the same belief, principle, and driving force behind many

successful entrepreneurs and businessmen today, including the founders

of B1G1 (Buy One Give One) Masami Sato who started a

transaction-based giving movement to create more connection and

contribution in the world.

Today’s society and education mainly focuses on subject related to

savings and spending, but not sharing, which I feel is what our society

lacks today. I think with a little bit more sharing and caring will make

this world a better place.

For the students, I believe that by showing them care and love, we can

nurture and mould them to become better people with a positive mindset,

behaviour and attitude towards life, which they can carry forward to the

future with the same “Giving First instead of Receiving” philosophy to

transform lives.

Thank you.

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