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A BICYCLE is more than just a mode of transportation.

In some poor countries and communities, it can be a life

changing tool, providing wheels for people to get to work

or to school. Simple and affordable, a bicycle cuts travel

time to a fraction, whether for carrying passengers or heavy

loads. The pedal-powered vehicle can give families the extra

time to earn, learn and enjoy life, while most children, the joy

of owning a bicycle simple brings the smile back to their faces.

From China to Africa, there have been numerous campaigns

and projects to raise funds to donate bicycles to poor children

over the years, especially those who have to walk to school-

a burden which can cripple a family, hampering work and

education opportunities

Celebrities also contribute to this cause. For example, actor

Jackie Chan has given thousands of bicycles to orphanages in

Korea, Taiwan and Mainland China.

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