2011, 1st Quarter- New Year Mission

Charity Bicycle is setting and planning for Next Year Event.

This time,

Our Objective:
To create greater impact in the community to educate more individuals
on “Giving First” philosophy. Thus, we wish to influence all to do the same.

Our Target:
To Give 1,000 bicycles to primary school students(those we are in the
less fortunate category) and those needy social groups.

Our Prayer:

May God provide us with the necessary resources
to provide the less fortunate and those needy social groups and with Your blessing to make this event a success and full of joy. Amen!!!

Wishlist: (Guest of honour that we wish to have)
1) Prime Minister of Malaysia
2) Founder of B1G1
3) Founder of Enlightened Wealth Institute (Author of ‘Multiple Stream of Income’)

Wish Date:
In the midst of planning….
Maybe in the month of Feb?
Will update you guys later.

Collaboration Partner:
Pertubuhan Kebajikan Harapan Baru Manjung, Perak

That’s all for now….

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